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Friday, July 30, 2010

My first Blabbering (A Review of a Friend’s Dream)

 Today, I never thought that Omotayo would surprise me. I should have thought better when he called twice and I had to call back. But all of a sudden he came in with what had been our dreams for long: a baby. Yes, a baby! That device that would enable us have a better view of the world that is with us now and the one that would shape the future of the world: a baby. Yes, a baby! That machine that has kept our world simply connected for ever. One that has made friendship a matter of some clicks. It has been long we have been ruing our lot on this other side of the divide: a world with an epileptic access to the net. But now the baby has come and the light is here. We will be able to dance and dance around our world basking in the euphoria of the new found baby. With this bundle of joy, we can smile and the world smiles too; we can blink and the world blinks as well. It is the wonder of the new baby that has come and put an endless joy in our world. It can sit anywhere and make us walk our world.


·                      This is a review of my HP mini done by a friend, an uncle and teacher, Mr Adebiyi Rasheed. The notebook was bought on Friday, 23rd, 2010. Mr. Adebiyi Rasheed's literary 'restlessness' can be found on his blog: . You can also hook up with him on Facebook through his mail:



  1. That made me smile. It is true that the internet connect us all in closer ways. Congrats on the purchase.

  2. Thanks Myne. The internet really does great magic.


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