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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You‘ve Got Time! Maximise It Now!!!

The Definition:

You do not have to stretch the pinna of your ears before you hear people sorrowing on why their limited time wouldn't allow them fulfil some tasks or attend social events. Why? It's very simple; it is only when we start realising that time is not what nature can be so generous about in adding few seconds to the individually allotted 24 a day that we can start evaluating how better it will be maximising it. In a ridiculous definition of what time means; time is the same commodity that always demand positive dynamic outputs. To make it more simpler; time is that same resource that never increases in size as you make use of it over the years, and yet become more valuable to our very existence as we are able to accomplish more tasks successfully with it than we did in the previous days, months or years.

Do I take shortcuts then?

No! I wouldn't advise that. Most shortcuts-taking are really not worth taking at all. You would soon realise that doing them will only amount to an accumulation of things you ought to have done well before; bringing them down on your neck all at one instant. This is when you have found out that what you took a shorter route for is not giving you the defined result you had at the back of your mind before settling down on it.

Start increasing your speed!


So many articles have been written with well laid out step-to-step plans to follow in managing one's time without nailing hard on the reason why you have got to increase your speed. Speed plays a pivotal role in getting things done on a platform that is set out to become fulfilled without increasing its resources. Haven't you ever wondered and stamped you right foot on the floor in anger that as you grow more old, advance in your pursuits and increase in your responsibility taking; the time never changes at all? It is just that same twenty four damn hours that you had when your mum gave birth to you toothless!!! Gush!

If you are set to attain new height with the same time you have, then start doing things twice as better as how you were wont to doing them in the past. When you are good at accomplishing some works, it most of the time reduces the time you spend on them, safe you the sweats that surge out of your pores and ultimately increases the speed at which you do them. It is very important that you go for external help that can assist you in horning your knowledge about what you are doing now to achieve the required speed that will compress the time you normally spend working on some works for other things that you have on your schedule.

How do I increase my working 'speedometre'?

You see, everything is all about getting upgraded to work faster. Always know there is nothing you are doing now that somebody on this planet's surface hasn't some knowledge about. This is to say that they are materials you can go for and people you can talk to, those who know better than you do on the things you are always wasting a great chunk of your time on. Imagine if we were still left with the Microsoft Word processor of '96 edition in handling document preparation that demands we submit as report in the next few minutes in this era. Can you even imaging a world where you have to simultaneously run different programmes without slowing down the operation of your system on Pentium II system or on a computer with 50kilobytes worth of RAM in this present time when we are addicted to keep so many social websites running at the same time as if they all sustain our breath? Can you figure it out yourself now? You now have the grasp of the import of what I have been rambling on - It's all about upgrading your skills to get hands on so many assignments without crashing out!

Just double in speed with that little work when next you lay your hands on it, acquiring more knowledge to deal with those repeadted issues in subsequent handlings, and you would start shaking your head bitterly at how much time you've really got if you had done things differently.


Prioritising can also be helpful in getting more out of your time. You do not have to fix everything every time; it could gravely affect the quality of your results and disturb your psychology when you start becoming anxious and nervous with everything. Do things that are only necessary and in connection with the successes of subsequent chores.

·         Please, strike out the standalones and time-wasters, they could roughen your day.


  1. Good advice indeed. Especially for me as \i'm working my next manuscript.

  2. Thanks Myne for reading.
    It's good advice to everyone including the writer who wrote the article. I put myself to task to bring out the article at a time when it seemed I was so hooked up to everything, I was really struggling with time to get the things that were ringing in my head down on paper. Myne, it was a hell of a task with limited time!
    Thanks Myne.

  3. yeah i agree with you. we all need personal effectiveness. your words are will go places.

  4. Thanks musing. You know, you have always thought me one or two things too.
    Thanks for reading.


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