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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

For WANT of What to Write

For want of what to write on, this blogger refuses to blog. Probably, I should just have written anything from nothing, ranted and pretended to be intelligent about nothing, everything. Isn’t that what we do mostly as bloggers? The famous and widely followed among us know this and do it well. Mostly, we look for those lines which mean nothing, we thread them into glosses and remake new realities from them, and buzzes happen. But even doing this requires a special humor. To take the mundane, hawk it, weave spiels around it, browbeat it to our language and make it our own: so we could be admired. And it would seem we have done something – something something; something I don’t know; something many will call special. Interestingly however, doing this requires humour. And when you lose that humour, you are lost. You feel you are the mundane. You feel you are wasting your time as realities dwarf what childishness you call blogging. To me, I seemed to have lost that humour. The very humour that keeps a blogger though blogging may not pay his bill soon. Maybe never. But miracles can happen. Fuck that. Who still wait for miracles to happen? No…no…no… I don’t mean that. There are miracles and people still wait for them and still they happen. Many, recently, trooped out to be stampeded. Many. Recently. Trooped. Out.They needed jobs. They only needed (their) miracles. 

I need miracles too but mine mustn’t come at the expense of a simple common sense. The base things we could do for miracles when we are faced with other realities. My miracles must understand my realities. I don’t pray often for anything anymore, but for the other not to happen.

I’m a friend with the thoughts inside of my head. Say I’m crazy for that and you mightn’t just be fair. I am only being human. And I didn’t just parody Eminem’s chorus. I am really a friend with the monsters inside of my head. My monsters; my wars to win. 

I have written more than 70 posts for this blog and this will be one of my few shortblogs. I really needed to break the inactivity on this blog. And I just did. Did you know Uche Okonkwo won the E… Flash Fiction Prize? A shout out to her, and for E… for making a less talked about genre popular.

Uche and the prize

I’ve been a friend with a monster inside of my head. My monster; and my wars to win.

Really, I didn’t just make sense all through this post. But I just succeeded blogging again. Oyebanji Ayodele, you should resume blogging too. One day, we will be paid for what we do. But first, miracles must happen.
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