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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

7 Books, 21 Days: Back to School

If you’ve been waiting to read how I accomplished reading those books in those number of days, sorry, now you’ll be disappointed. I couldn’t get that task done. So many things were flooding my schedules, and at most times, I regretted ever going on that adventure. It was a holiday when all things academic were to be shoved off and spat upon. I’ve had so much bookie stuff to deal with when the semester was on. Going on that nerdy venture was just pure bane to relaxation. Now, I am starting to question those that do reading for relaxation.  As for me, I really don’t find reading as such.

However, if we consider there are different types of reading, one may agree that reading could also be used to unwind. I have just never been a passive reader. I think I am a freak. You may not understand. But when I tell you reading something as trivial as an sms could trigger my intellect up, you may begin to see why. 

You should now know I take reading a little bit hard. At least, I now know why I don’t have a girlfriend. I am a boring book lover. Ladies don’t fall in love with book lovers anymore. The last time that happened was in the century without swaggerlicious nonsense. But the boring is now what you must put a quote on. When I use boring, I mean it in the restricted sense. At least, my thoughts on books are not dreary. You will soon know why.

I was able to read even more than I bargained for. Talk of the magic of the internet. And the experiences in sum are what I wouldn't easily substitute for some best memories. It was also a holiday for writing. Above all, I had my writing space back; away from the maze of campus frenzy. Sometimes, I do wonder, if, whoever invented Nigerian education had me in mind. I simply repulse this system of education. I wouldn't call it that though; education. For education is the sustaining learning that fits into reality. The learning system obtainable here, on this campus that I am back on now, is far away from that. I would only call it education in the boring and uncreative sense of it. At many times during lectures, I would wonder at the relevance of what was being taught outside the campus border. They call it education. I call this a necessary process of belonging to a blurry educated class of citizens. Most of the things taught in our Universities do not speak reality. I can confidently say that because I am becoming a victim. But I will survive.

You must know the reasons why I set out on that reading adventure. I said I would write reviews on them. More than the 7 books I planned reading within 21 days, I read 10, but not within the limit of the set out 21 days. The days clearly caught up with me. I read more though and that paid off. That taught me a new life lesson: that flexibility works better; that schedules could be creatively broken for better additions; that what matters is the interest and not really the strength the task demands. I have done some reviews and writings. Some of which I have received burning coals, a prize and some commendations for. This is why I love reading, even if no beautiful lady may fall for that; reading is my rewarding travel and the fulfilling journey that is life. You encounter all sorts reading. I have once taken a pretty lady out on a date in books. Now, don’t laugh me for that! Lol.

Get hooked with my review of Iduma’s Farad here. I read Chuma’s The Ghost of Sani Abacha, I had some disinterests about it and I made them known here (but some didn’t like it though. Catch the yabis and yelling here). Abubakar’s The Whispering Trees is one promising books with its weakness, I did the review first here.  I found Doreen’s Tropical Fish more of a hard kick on Idi Amin. I didn't like that. There are so much fury in that book for its pages to carry. I pointed that out too. And there is Richard’s City of Memories. I liked the book but my concerns on it were not hidden. Find that out too here.

There are still some to come. There are Eghosa’s Fine Boys and Unoma’s Edible Bones. Those are upcoming reviews I would be posting on CLR soon.

Yepa! Now I’ve got to finish that assignment. School palaver!!! Save me!!!

SOS something for me joor. 


  1. @Kukogho. Thank you so much for reading this. I am happy you enjoyed it.

  2. Stop complaining, dude. I hope you get more assignments and class projects the lecturers won't get time to mark *as a punishment*. On girlfriend thingy,

    I can sure share you one of my own *hey man, don't look so surprised! We do that on 2go all the time*. Its symbiotic.

  3. Welldone Joe. Lovely read. So far you got enough lashes and praises for the works you did during the break, you may have to set a higher standard the next break. You rock reader!

  4. @Alabi. I pray your hope for me won't come true o. Alabi, see the kind prayer wey you dey pray for me? And you be my friend. I am beginning to think I should auction you. lol. 2go, I still haven't gotten it well with that chatting app. I opened an account on it months' ago but I rarely use it. So, I don't want you 2go girlfriend-share. Thank you. Alabi, if I catch you!!!

    @Ayodele. Thanks, bro. I will set the standard higher the next holiday. How about a 100 books in 2 months? You go fear marathon reading now. You rock too fellow reader!

  5. Pwetty girls love bobos who read, just look around you and I am sure you will see one girl who can't take her eyes off you.

    Abeg, face your books oh, no be me teach you "bad thing oh" lol......

  6. So you didn't even complete that task... Not disappointed sha. I was wondering then how that would go.

    Well, like you've said;
    "that flexibility works better; that schedules could be creatively broken for better additions; that what matters is the interest and not really the strength the task demands"

    I couldn't agree more.

  7. @Sykik. Thanks for the tutorial jare. You just made my day, Sykik. I will now begin to look around. I should find one soon. Let's forget about books for now joor. It's now Girls over Books lol.


  8. @ay. I knew you were wondering then... hahaha... What really matters is that I still had a great time with writing and books. I think, with that, I have disappointed you in a good way. *smiles*

  9. Nicee! 7 books in 21days.... Real challenge oh!

    And book reviews??? Cool stuff! What books are those? X_X I don't even know most of 'em nigerian authors?

  10. Your writing style is a breath of fresh air! Just lovely! I'll be back!

  11. @Morounfoluwa. Thank you so much! Follow the hyperlinks in the post to know more about the books mentioned. And you should start reading Nigerian authors too, they are geniuses. Trust a reviewer when he says that. Thanks for dropping by.

    @Linda. Thank you for your lovely visit too! Thanks for reading. I like your blog and the issues you talk on it. Please get back here soon. And do follow the blog to get more of the writing style.

  12. That's some target you gave yourself. You did a good job with those reviews, I should get on or two of them for starters.

    I'm with Skykik, look well dear. There are still ladies out there that'll fall in love with "bookies".

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  13. P.S: I'll like to ask a favour, can you please drop an email address I can reach you on? Or may be get in touch with me on dayo.adeyokunnu (at)

    Thank you

  14. @Dayor. Now that you've joined Sykik in giving me some courage, I am beginning to become more confident and happy. Hehehe... I am seriously looking around now. I should get a sunshade specs to help in the looking. Lol.

    Thank you joor for loving those reviews. Abi, what are reviews without a lovely reader like you?

    My email is: I already sent you a mail with it.

  15. I actually smiled while reading this.

    7 books in 21 days? Nah, I love books but my Lagos life will never ever let me. Ever.

    Book reviews, good job. Very nice! and yea, education was and is still painful.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog; I'm definitely returning here.

  16. @Feyi. I laughed while reading your comment. Yeah, I know what the Lagos life could do to one. Believe me, I do. Thanks jare for appreciating the book reviews.

    Thank you for coming to read on this blog. I appreciate it. I am following your blog.

  17. wow! I am impressed o, in fact you try... Best wishes to you. btw, its been a while you blogged o, trust you doing great, yes?

  18. @Priscy. Thank you jare. I have really been held back by school stuffs. I am putting a post up this month. I am doing great joor. How are you doing too?


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