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Monday, July 23, 2012

7 Books, 21 Days…

After a hectic stay in school, coming home has really been much anticipated. I set out to read many books during this holiday. I never bothered informing many about it. They would simply throw if off as one boring venture. And indeed, if you are not the voracious reading kid, the venture could really be darn boring. I am working on reading 7 books within 21 days and doing reviews on all of them. To me, this is a tall tree to hurriedly mount. Looking at the fact that an in-depth review can certainly not be cursorily done within few hours, those will be quite a task. As I write this post, I am in the process already. It is past seven days and I am on the fourth book. Two of those four have been reviewed already and the third is about being written on. I still have 14 days down the calendar. There is the possibility that everything will work out just as planned. This is what I have been doing this period. Can you imagine the number of words I would read during this period? Whao!

So, I might really be boring this period. My siblings have not started complaining anyway, so I guess I still try to maintain some balances here and there. But soon, they will, as I go deeper into the heat of the reading. My reading could be that serious. I am not a passive reader you should know. I go into books with all the attention needed. I still attend to leisure and maintain my social circle anyway, though most are done virtually. Don’t call me a nerd now. There’s really no time to physically hang out with friends. You know there are still three more books to read before the holiday winds up.

Talking about hanging out online, there is this girl who has recently been cluttering my WhatsApp page. I should let her know; I am not in for flirting at this moment. She might be vexed and wander off.  That wouldn’t be a problem sha.  If I could get her attracted initially; I would do it again. A good quality about readers is that we just know how to do some marvelous things because we read-learn so many things. In between my 7-Books-21-Days reading, I have got Greene’s "Art of Seduction". I am almost memorizing this book. So when I am done with my 7 books-21 days project, getting her around again wouldn't be difficult. By that time, I would have become a better seducer. Oh.. oh.., I am not that bad. I am just a reader.

It is 21 days, 7 books. I should run off now. Phew… Where are those books!? “Fine Boys” come on the line! “City of Memories”, sit down there and stop hankering after those "Edible Bones"!  “The Whispering Trees”! Don’t break up with me, because the truth is; I am done with you! I am in a new relationship with “Bitter Leaf”!


  1. 7 books in 21 days! I don't even think I can do that.
    And you've already reached your fourth book in 7 days; well you're making progress apparently.
    I'm waiting for the reviews anyways. I need to start stocking up my bookshelf for the holiday.

  2. You are a nerd But it is good. Any consumption of books is good. I try to read a book a day but as I developed in my career, I found out that close reading takes more time.

    Robert Greene's Art of Seduction is a 'bad' book but I have read it 6 times. It is bad in a good way. Anyways, good luck with your reading.

  3. @ay. I think you can do too, it only needs almost all the time one has. Don't worry ay, you would know as soon as all the reviews are done. When stockpiling your bookshelf, please take some suggestions from my library as shown in the picture. I assure you, you would never regret reading them. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    @mykey. Close reading indeed takes so much time and attention. I am happy you said my being nerd is good o. But I don't want to come across as a boring bobo o... Chei! Omo, you call Robert Greene's Art of Seduction a bad book after you don am for 6 times? Anyway, you said it is in a good way sha; and I really agree with that. Thanks for wishing me good luck. Also, thanks for reading on this blog and commenting. Hope you coming around again soon.


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