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Monday, September 7, 2009


There is no doubt the advent of mobile telecommunication in Nigeria has put smile on people’s faces. It has even replenished the pockets of those it owns their livelihood. It has made the communication over short and long distance with loved ones possible and effortlessly. Since its inception in our country, there has been a drastic reduction of the encounter we have with the proverbial witches in our villages. Thanks to the breakthrough of GSM.
Over the years, mobile phone has witnessed an unimaginable appreciation from the primary functions it is known for (calling and mobile messaging). It now complements people’s dresses, as battered and worn-out phones could contradict one’s dressing. It is now a mini and mobile club for some, where they could access their favourite tracks on the go, some even regale themselves with the games it comes with. Mobile phone has really made its users’ upwardly mobile in there lifestyles. To say it has actually fulfilled its functions by the foregoing, would amount to stating the least in the way it touches lives.
Sophisticated phones as it were are not only to add more colours to one’s status in the society. It is a pity some people only acquire them to follow what is in vogue. Mobile phone now serves has a tool / mini-computer that delivers information to one’s finger tips within some seconds of connection, with the aid of packet-data-switching protocols, subjected to radio technological coverage known as General Packet Radio Service (GPRS).
Little time and sweat is spent scouting for information on the web with the help of Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), which enables mobile users to access and interact with information. JAVA backs GPRS and WAP up with the simplification of data sent and received on your phone. The more to mobile phones is the data services it renders, which takes its users to the larger world. The sending of pictures, videos and sounds via Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) would not have been possible without the help of GPRS and WAP.
Our mobile phones are good substitutes to our computers with the mobile application that could be installed on it via the internet. Just like we have applications like Mozila, Explorer, Adobe Reader on our desktop and laptop computers, the same can be done on our mobile with the aid of JAVA.
The good news about using your phone maximally is that it saves you the time you spend in a cramped room called cyber cafĂ© with crawling Internet Service Provider (ISP), it reduces your susceptibility to mobile theft, and also makes your academic wall sturdy as it becomes a tool for scouting for information. This is therefore a clarion call to youngsters out there that mobile phones shouldn’t just be bought because of the sophistication that comes with it, but because of the functions it could render.