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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Birthday Post: Don't Leave Your Space.

As I write this, I think of aging and I wonder on the experiences that come with it. Today, I am a year older. My beards have grown; stronger and more stubborn for incessant shaving. There are so many things to talk about from the 365 days gone by, but I will not blabber about all. I am not even sure of how their details were. Times have passed and confusions have matured into what little understanding I now daily survive on. In honesty, I hate this maturity, it is a challenging one for me, one that winds on, giving only drops of fulfillments. Though, there have been many joyful seasons and my adulthood may have been sharpened by them. On those, I will begin this note. And on other jarring unfulfilled memories, I would shelf. Today, I am to reflect to advance and not bathe in the puddle of unaccomplished dreams. In this view, I would share some thoughts.

I am becoming old and more responsibilities are calling. How I desired to be ten again. Then, I had cakes, birthday pictures and naivety to go with.

Leaving the Comfort Zone – my space

Whoever said staying in a comfort zone inhibits anything worthwhile obviously needs a rethink. As applicable to my present situation, I wouldn’t take a comfort zone as that pleasurable space that encourages lassitude. Before now, I may have been subscribing to the dogma that necessarily believes a comfort zone to be a danger-zone for development. Such belief only shows a lack in the many conclusions many arrive at in finding explanations to unknown things. I do not hold self-flagellation burnishes success for anyone. A comfort zone is a personal space that allows free assemblage and recodifications of effective ideas. Leaving one’s comfort zone is a disastrous attempt that may never be recovered from. That few happen upon success only after they do away with it, is just a probability that some discomfort may stir unlikely creative performance. For me, I do not share such philosophy. I would take a thin slice from my present condition to back my claim. I just started a degree programme in some course, which noticeably, has temporarily scattered my mode of living. Now, I have to bear sharing a cramped space with others as accommodation facility on the school’s campus. You must have noticed, before now, that this blog went on forced break for months. That, only, speaks loud of the peril in forfeiting one’s comfort zone. Until holiday comes, my writing activities will have to be done in fragments. Does the end then balance the means? I should hope so just to be consoled.

Making Wishes
If I must make wishes, even when there are no cakes and candles, I would wish time and space fall into favourable places for me as I look forward to this new journey with hopeful eyes. It is my birthday and I am happy it is. Happy birthday, Joseph Omotayo.


I am collecting some contemporary African literatures for review purpose next month, and I would need some suggestions. Drop some in the comment box.
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