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Saturday, November 14, 2009


Inferiority complex is a feeling of not being competent in any given activity; it is a personal feeling of inadequacy arising from the overcompensation of other’s achievements /goals over yours.
Inferiority complex could also be said to be a conflict between the desire to be recognized and appreciated and the apprehension or anxiety of being humiliated. This feeling is often subconscious.

The seven (7) signs you have to watch out for to determine when you are exuding the feeling of inferiority complex are vividly enunciated in the subsequent paragraph(s).

1. Hypocritical Attitude (H.P.): People who do not feel alright about themselves have problem feeling good about others. They would always look out for loopholes in people’s endeavours to try to convince themselves that they are not bad at all. These people cannot feel comfortable as being attractive, intelligent and competent, e.t.c., they will only have the feeling of being good provided they are only one around exuding the aforementioned qualities.

2. Tendency Towards Blaming (T.T.B.): Some people project their weaknesses onto others in order to lessen and ameliorate the pain of inferiority. For instance, if a person shows his weaknesses or inadequacy to others in order to prompt them to noticing it, so that his perceived incompetence can be justifiable by his short story of woe. This is just a step towards giving the responsibility of their failures to others.

3. Feeling Of Persecution (F.O.P.): when carried to the extreme, blaming others can extend to believing that others are actively seeking to ruin you. If a student fails an exam he sat, it may comfort him to believing that his teacher hates him and would do anything to hurt him. This will only allow him to avoid personal responsibility for his action.

4. Inappropriate Response To flattery (I.R.F.): This works in two forms. Some may refuse to listen to anything positive about themselves because it is inconsistent with their interior feelings. Others may be desperate to hear anything good about themselves and constantly fishing for compliments.

5. Sensitivity To Criticism (S.T.C.): Although people who feel inferior ‘know’ they have shortcomings, they do not like other people to point this out. They tend to perceive any form of criticism, regardless of how sensitively and constructively it is presented, as a
personal attack.

6. Tendency Towards Seclusion And Sensitivity (T.T.S.S.): Because people with an inferiority complex believe that they are not as interesting or intelligent as others, they believe other people have the same feeling about them. So they tend to avoid speaking up in public because they believe doing so will create an embarrassing demonstration of their ineptitude.

7. Negative Feeling About Competition (N.F.A.C.): People who have inferiority complex like to win games and contests as others, but they will always avoid such situation because deep down, they know they cannot make an head way. Not coming first is an evident evidence of otal failure.

Do not worry if you have all or some of these signs, you can bring it to the barest minimum by telling yourself that no one is perfect, and that a mistake made is a correction gotten.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this...Please,if it's possible,share some ways in which one that is affected can go about getting help and how they themselves can render help for themselves....

  2. Thank you so much for finding this piece useful. I will work towards adding that to the post soon. Thank you for reading on this space and commenting.

  3. i am going through the same situation, all of my life, i believed that no one will going to like me and accept me as i am, i am afraid to face people, thinking that they dont like me as well, i tend to go alone always,. for many years, i have been like this, i get used to this kind of living..until this day, im still afraid mingle with people.
    i really dont know how will this end or if there is a chance for me to be cured, i really dont know.
    sometimes i do wish that, i didnt born to this world.

    thinking that i really dont deserve all the happiness in this world, cause im just nobody, with no sense at all.

    1. The first step in getting healing is to accept that you are suffering from a complex form of low self esteem. And then, proceed to knowing that you are special in your own self and there is no two of you. When you are done doing those, proceed to making people's acquaintances (however know that you don't have to force yourself on people). You just wouldn't know how much you are appreciated by other people, how much they really want to have you around them, until you open a friendly space for them to come in.

      Always know this; there are no two of you and you are always special. No one is perfect in his/her self.

  4. Reading this is very useful but I'm not sure if I have an inferiority complex or not but a lot of this does refer to me

    1. If a lot of the signs refer to you, then it is most likely you have an inferiority complex. And you could reduce it to the minimum or gradually eliminate it when you try avoiding the attitudes of those signs. It may not be easy at first but yes you can do it.

  5. In my experience, people with inferiority complexes are nothing more than narcissistic assholes who think the rules everyone else has to follow don't apply to them. I am no friends with them.

  6. While people of inferiority complex exist worldwide; it's a rough world in little China or Japan jr. as some think of it for a serious inferiority complex bestowed in the people as a part of their national identity which is the primary cultural underpinning. This makes such a place most uninteresting which further damages it's psyche and patriotic nationalist followers. If you're a foreigner, maybe count your blessings you aren't permanently subject to a life of misery and then count your days to your flight out? There's no fixing it nor are you going to help anything or anyone in the scope of that teaching job for you are not considered a person; just an oddity that doesn't deserve to be gaven enough information to do a good job and then always disapproved with indirect passive aggressive tactics like silent treatment and condescending confusing rhetoric. When you realize that you are the very thing contributing to their agonizing punishing inferiority complex, English as global language, USA, and Japan, you realize you are not welcome nor liked even though they flew you over, housed you, and paid you to teach their kids, uh I mean pawns. At this point, you no longer want to be there, but feel an obligation to fullfill a contracted promise since they didn't breach it so you got some time to do.

  7. Appreciated very informative article, I found this very much useful and helpful for myself. According my analysis, I think, I have such feelings due to disturbed lifestyle and growth.

  8. Very useful article. I've started to feel very inferior, just because i started comparing myself with others, felt low.

  9. Thanks a lot for this post

  10. I have a friend that continue lying avoiding responsibility and seek exsexcessive sexual attention by women. And if he did not got the attention will still brag that he did. He makes my stories his own story so that others will give him attention. Its almost if he dont have his own to tell and chop and change others storys to make his own. His mother always sort his mess out. How do I help him? He lives with me now10month.If I ask what's wrong he just closeup. He know that he can trust me but everything to no avail! a Caring friend.


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