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Monday, February 6, 2012

We Temporarily Moved Them Here

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I should be burying my pimply face in shame. In my culture it is utter shame when you forgo the first important thing in the year for other attention seeking matters. We so much hold anything of appreciative act in the highest regard. The important thing I failed to do is something I am even so ashamed to say now; saying it will only show how sloppily I have tendered the love you have showed me over the years on this blog, especially the gracious one you spoilt me with in the previous year. But it is often said in my language that when a sinner knows where and how s/he had fell short of expectations, s/he won't have to plead too long. There are two ways I am found wanting and I am willingly moved to redeem myself with this pleading post.

The first; it is February already and I have been sneaking around the cyberspace ever since the year began, when I should have come on this space to pour my heart of goodwill to you for the New Year. I hold this culture very important as it is a very affective medium mutual love is easily shared through. My apology is long overdue and it is weighing my heart burdensomely, please accept it from me and save my heart from wearing out. Phew… Thank you! Now my heart feels lighter and less clumsy to accommodate Val’s Loves (You know, I have really been thinking on the numbers of girlfriends to hook up with this Valentine. Don't say I am flirtatious. Some girls just confirmed that I am really too muah! I am only performing my dutiful role. 10/10 Shekena! ). I am also of the belief that if we are seeing or having a conversation for the very first time in the year, it is not totally out of order to share with one another our good wishes for the year. To this end, I wish you a fruitful, graceful, wonderful and other good adjectives + '-ful' in the New Year. There are so many things to accomplish this Year; activities are really going to stunningly change this year. I just can feel it already. Can you too?

You must have noticed over the time on this blog that reviews (both books and literary events) are more frequently posted than other opinionated articles and emotional scribbles. In the recent pasts, it shouldn't be hard observing that book reviews have been at the low on this blog. That is not to mean I have stopped what I enjoy doing well as an advanced reader (Yeah… that I really am. At times, I could feel some writers fear my attention on their books. *Deep Sigh…*). I have only just shifted the base for reviews to another location on the cyberspace. Oh Gawd! That makes sin number two… I am really sorry-sorry. I should have informed you about that too. Look at me as I prostrate on the floor, soiling my newly grown goatee in the sand. I beg, bikko, just indulge me some more. I have been reading, I mean reading hard and I have done some reviews to that effect as I was always striving to meet self-imposed deadlines in making reviews available.

I didn't so much gbadun the tired dominant theme of Roses & Bullets, find my thought on it here. Jude's Blackbird is one book I can march all out for if it does go out of prints, I really like this book, I made that known here. Teju Cole's Open City, a book not written in the conventional sense for traditional reading, I lost count on the times I searched through webpages and Encarta during the reading, the book is just so intellectually stimulating. Meh… Julius was the main man in the book. Read my notepad on it here. During my sabbatical, I guzzled so many short stories in two categories. One was African Roar 2011, an anthology of 14 different writers published by Ivor and Siguake. While the other was Voice of America, a collection of 18 short stories by EC Osondu. See the reviews here and here.

Let me say this again, Happy Fruitful Year. It's almost Valentine, how man days to go now? (I am really counting… tick, tick, tick…)

Catch ya later…


  1. Happy New Year, though I've seen your brake lights elsewhere too :)

    Well done, and have a loving Valentine.

  2. Thanks Myne. Yeah, those should be the brake lights on NaijaStories and CLR. Happy New to you, Myne. Hope the year has been great so far.

    Have a loving Valentine season too.

  3. Strong self, your superfluous apology brought a smile to my face. I look forward to all the cool stuff you'll be reeling off in the coming weeks. Have a fab-tastic Val!

  4. @Oluchi. Hahaha... I will come up with powerful posts soon. I only pray the muse makes it so. Have a nice and memorable Val too.

  5. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog StrongSelf. First time here. I didn't know you do book reviews. Cool! Book reviews was supposed to be one of the things I do on my blog..but I haven't read a book in ages!! well apart from academic books. More ink to your pen.
    Hope you have a 'loving' day with your numerous girls.

  6. @Ginger. Your blog looks good and its contents great too. I do reviews, in fact, that is what I do mostly. Hmmm... My Valentine...? That will be a story for another space and on another space on this blog. Thanks for dropping by. I hope you'll come around soon. Thank you so much.

  7. Interesting blog. I love books so i guess i'll be coming around more often. Nice blog you got. following too. check out mine

  8. @Toinlicious. Thank you so much. And for following; I am so overwhelmingly grateful!!! Thank you. Please do come around soon.

  9. Hello, would you kindly review my upcoming book (Broken Portraits)? The story straddles Nigeria and South Africa, and a Chapter Sample can be found here.
    Thank you.

  10. @Efioanwan. You can send in the book to my email(jomotyao01@gmail) and let's see how it goes from there. Thanks for visiting TrueTalk. You are appreciated. Please, come around soon.

  11. Hi, the email address seems to have issues. I tried instead, did you get it? If not, can you please post me the email again?


  12. @Efioanwan. Yes. I got it. is the correct email. You can always direct subsequent mails there. Thank you


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