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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Mind on New Year Resolution

Two things herald every New Year in colourful and appreciable circumstances; festivity and people's renewed determination to make things better. People's optimism that always assume gay transformation with the arrival of a New Year has become one tradition so globally celebrated aside the joyous new beginning of another year itself. The interesting factor is in how people have made culture out of New Year Resolutions that are always wrapped up in numerous species of aspirations; new attitudes, new strength, better working conditions, more working relationships and the lines go on different individuals' lists.

I had a feeling of being a fraud when everything I was planning for the New Year was in sharp contrast with the manner numerous  people were doing theirs. Everybody seemed to have something to write down and followed strictly like a manual. How I hate manual! However, the reflection of admiration for the frenzy most people were jumping into was in how enthusiasm was being hooked up with the unseen labour that was to go into making the strings of personally aspired ambition a living action.

After my tour of the cyberspace through several blogs, I was blackmailed into putting down a typed paragraphed list of targets for the New Year too. One to call my own at least. A simple initiation into the culture syndrome you can call that. I was made to understand that one will have to do it with a kind of spirit. The spirit that believes that things noted down on the New Year Resolution list are accomplishable no matter the odds that may await them and the effort needed.
In no time my MS word was up and running as I effortless and religiously, taking details into every needs, typed my bespoken Resolutions. It was quite an easy task I thought to myself when I was through in less than 20 minutes. The list was long and its execution carefully tagged with every day of the new calendar year.

Half way down the year in June, everything only felt lukewarm and drab. Every day I have my list defiantly accusing me of the passion I had given into putting it down, which incredibly pales with the one I'm putting into the actualization-plan. My resolution has now turn the other side of my personality; a disgusting streak of unattainable dreams. The only life my Resolution list now possesses is in the printed ink on it. I try to ignore it and hide behind study materials that are strewn over my desk but when it is rifled by the faded wind from my window, the sound of cries for strength thuds down to my heart. If my list were to be so far rated, some I have been meticulously following, others; irritations that make my soul itch. And I do question myself; can't I have some pats for those things that are working out? The truth is that I never indeed saw beyond the fever that goes into joining the charade.

Not to discredit the resoluteness some people harbor in the tradition of capping every dream with New Year Resolution, making New Year Resolution is more of hypocrisy than the step-to-step guide it is primarily meant to be. Eight months down the New Year, the noise on it has tuned low and will only become high again at the end of the Year when there will be mourning of dashed hopes and joy for another rehash that is to become the guide of another year.

I may have been blabbing because as I type this; my notion of this subject matter is still muddled with unfulfilled hopes of things called dreams. If you want to counter my belief of the hypocrisy that goes so much with everybody into making New Year Resolutions, you may as well tell me if you have come across one whose list carries a whole lot of practicalities than feverish impetuousness. As for me, I'm still waiting to read a list that will state how Resolutions can be meant in a pragmatic way.

You may also need to be informed; my New Year Resolution polices me still, though I'm unfaithful to it.

Have you made some things on that special list too? Do you think yours might be bearing fruits? Then, talk about it. It will be good to know…


  1. The only thing on my list at the beginning of this year was - 'I'LL TRY'


    Seriously though, the best thing that have happened to me were usually unexpected - after I had done all the ground-work.

    Re: New year resolutions, this was my poem at the beginnning of this year:

    Happy New Year to YOU…

    Oh dear!
    Does that mean a Happy New ME?!

    I wish I could say
    I’ll be better;

    I wish I could say
    I’ll be nicer;

    I wish I could even say
    I’ll be sweeter!

    Oh well,
    I’ll try........................

    Happy New Year to ME!!

  2. I love this your poem o. Wish I could have adopted that as my List for the year too. I hope doing that now is not too late sha? Your New Year Resolution is quite interesting but very honest I must say.

    Thanks for commenting...

  3. Ahhh resolutions. I've learned not to make them. I might think I should, especially when everyone else is... but I know I won't stick to it!

  4. @Amy. We are really in the same shoes on this one. I've decided, Amy. One thing I'm going to be doing from next year onward; is not to be infected with the fever that comes with making the New Year list. As you must have known already, putting 'it' down is not as important as 'sticking' to it. So, why write in the first instance when the labour that goes into it has not be properly realised?

    Thanks for dropping by, Amy.

  5. So we'll make a resolution not to make resolutions ;) heh. Love your blog, I'm usually lurking around just not too great at commenting sadly!

  6. Thanks for taking a liking in the blog, it's really good to know that. Commenting on a blog is a task that when done must be commended. This is why I say THANK YOU.

    See you around soon...


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