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Saturday, July 16, 2011

From 'HP mini 110' to 'Acer Aspire-One D257'

My new Lappy

Manufactured date: 25th of May 2011
Model: Aspire One D257
Hard disk space: 500G
RAM: 2G DDR3 Memory
Processor: Dual-Core Intel® Atom™ N570
Battery: 6 cell Li-on Battery
Operating System: Windows® 7 and Google Android

What a Patience! What a Pain! What a Wait! What a thing to have happened! I can't say that is destiny! I can't say that was horrible! All I know now is that I was given a 'power-surge' and now I've moved from HP mini 110 to Acer Aspire-One D257.... 

For the answer to where I've been all this 'tortuous' while, this is a brief but precise response to that in Mr Rasheed Adebiyi's very own recount of the journey. Savour…

My former lover


Your system. You. PHCN. You wanted to work but electricity was not going to give way. Then, a power surge and the system was gone….. Just like THAT. The agony; the pain and the process of reclaiming the system began. You wondered how the thing will look when it comes back from the factory where it has gone for warranty repair. An idea occurred to you. Why not sell it for a new one? Someone showed up to pick the mess PHCN has turned your former one into. Phew!!! It went away with the cash the buyer offered!!!! Though morsel. And then the process of haggling over a new one started. Eventually, you got a new PC but a different brand. Same size, different colour.   The former was an HP mini 110, the latter, Acer 'Aspire One' D257. The HP was sleek, this new Acer is slim and ultra thin. The former looked fragile and delicate, the new, rugged and down to earth.

The bottom line is that the era of HP is gone to rest for you and the reality of Acer has dawned on you. To Tayo and his new system…  
  • Rasheed Adebiyi is a friend and uncle


  1. Congrats on your new laptop, it looks great too.

  2. Thanks Myne. It's good to be back on this cyber-planet again. I've indeed missed some moments. But I think I should catch up soon.

  3. New Acer.... That is d model of my former system..... It is a durable one that will actually help u greatly in the accomplishment of ur various great works n projects. once again, congrats

  4. Thanks. I pray it does help greatly too.

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    Nice to bump into your blog.

  6. @Kingsley. Thank you so much. I will check out the site you mentioned. By the way, thank you so much for bumping in here. Do drop by again soon.

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