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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

VAL: Win a #1,500 Airtime/the Money in Cash!!!

Read this short post and find the How-To Win a #1500 recharge card (or the money in cash) below it. Enjoy the season.

You think you wouldn’t love again, your heart is broken and you are a scum. You think this season isn’t for you; no one to express it to, and you just might have been deceived. Forget about the Valentine charade, disabuse your mind of the usual; if no one would take you out, give a hand to that helpless individual on the street beating the wheel barrow metal-sheet, shouting: ‘E ko ile bo’ta o!’

Accept this; love isn’t love when those needing your bits still suffer, when what your home-woofers go for will well put a boy through a Term in school. A low-school? Yeah, but it is still a school anyway.

You are capable to be loved, you must love too. Shun the fake brothers now, spite the over-pretentious ladies anyhow and love the few people around waiting for cares, the ones in your strengths. Okay, don’t think about those. You aren’t given to a large-scale charity, I know. But presently, try this: you know your friend took a long walk to work this morning. And you didn’t even ask yourself, who would walk mileages to work if Adenle is in his pocket?  Express this season to such a friend and tomorrow, he wouldn’t have to do a sweaty leisured walk to work. Try #500 and he would be saved. Take it down more, give him #100 and he wouldn’t skip lunch in a rush.

Let’s launch this season now. But before that, I must tell you a story. It is about Titi. I used to know Titi as a classmate. I knew Titi as a crush. I know Titi now, she is a friend. On the 14th of February, 2005, Titi gave me a chocolate cake. She marvelled me. That day I began to see love in another way.

Years later, I would look back at that very moment and would take a cue from it, that as little as we were then and pure, Titi could sacrifice the conventional and give a mischievous boy like me a big chocolate cake as a gift. Recently, we had the opportunity to chat in our adult selves and I asked her what prompted her action years ago and she replied; I knew you to always silently grovel on my small chops during break time and I thought a large big cake on that day will buy me a break from your discreet covetousness. Funny, right?  It wouldn’t be if I told you that I didn’t only eat that cake, the little ants in our refrigerator ate it too. Every morning of the day, I would take a look at it, fearing that if I ate it too quickly, I may soon stop seeing the beauty of the big black chocolate cake and I left it there for days, only momentarily chipping out of it until ants took away the largest portion of the cake. In my case, Titi cared and the ants got it too.

Forget my sermon joor and let’s get to the How-To-Win proper.


TrueTalk is celebrating the Valentine Season with a #1500 airtime recharge or the money in cash. TrueTalk is appreciating its readers this season. An average post on this blog gets 300 pageviews in few hours and that’s a lot to be thankful for. The winning amount could get you a book or a monthly subscription on your BB or a nice meal in an average restaurant this season. To win the #1500 recharge card (of any Nigerian network of your choice) or the money in cash, follow the instructions below:

  1. Follow this blog with your Google/Yahoo/Twitter/AIM/Netlog/Open ID. (Do so through the “Join this Site” button at the left side of the blog)
  2. Follow me @omotayome on Twitter.
  3. In the comment box below, write your Best Love Message in 100 words (without TextSpeak/SMS short words, please). So, get creative!
  4. Put your phone number below the message to be contacted if you happen to be the winner, include the Twitter handle you are following me with on Twitter and the ID you are following the blog with.
  5. You must reside in Nigeria.
(Instructions 1,2,4 & 5 are only requirements for the main Instruction 4. The winner will emerge from skillful use of words in the 100 words Best Love Message)

Note: If you happen to be the winner, you could ask the recharge card to be converted to cash and sent to your bank account. Giveaway closes on Thursday 14th February, at 22:00 GMT, Nigerian time. Thank you and enjoy the season! Yippee!



  1. Very interesting one here Joseph. Got me thinking several thoughts. Not fresh but so properly put that it appears as if it's coming for the first time.
    Well done man. You sure brought many memories back. Hmm. Time...

  2. @Su'eddie. My main brother, how you dey? Thanks for the comment, bro. I appreciate it. And thanks for reading too.

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