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Monday, July 25, 2011

Patience is in these Shades… these shades
After installing my licensed McAfee antivirus software on Friday in a task I wouldn't pray re-undertaking anytime soon, I was very sure of the certainty of my action, even as some counseled me against impatience. Not only did it cost me some pocket-ripping bucks to go for a licensed 1 year antivirus protection over the commonly free ones I could easily get at my neigbourhood's stores for just #250, it also did get me snide reactions from friends too. Some of my friends wouldn't just see reasons why I should be over-reaching my financial limit in getting a full protection for my system, especially when the trial protection still allowed a more than one month use. Impatience!!! They chimed was fueling my steps. But I knew what I was doing. Didn't I? Of course I did know! I thought the woe I would have to endure was only going to stop in my access to a certified disc with some product key. I nearly passed out when I later read from the software-guide a high-speed internet was also to be required during the installation. I never realized that I would in a while pray to God to change PHCN's schedule in favouring my street with electricity and invoking mercy to see me through my internet service. Oh my life!

I swear, if I had my tricks that Friday, I would simply have re-tapped the pack and returned it for a new choice. I said to myself, "Isn't this the fruit of impatience in the offing…?"

I braved it on. After almost 6hrs of tensely salivating dried spittle in my parched throat and cooling my system with a standing fan that wheezed all through, McAfee was finally installed from a broadband connection that crawled thro and fro my system and McAfee's server with a broad shell. Praise God!!! I shouted.

Why all the stress you may ask. I would answer. When innumerable viruses hungrily ate all my files up on my former new laptop after its trial-protection expired, friends and acquaintances only shook heads in pity. And that was all. Nobody offered at typing projects that were nearing completion. I mourned alone as my fingers were constantly numbed from long hours of keys-stroking. Not that getting a licensed protection never occurred to me then, but I was only swayed by philosophy that only dug early graves for my files and applications. Patience they said I should have.

They advised then, "Don't you think it's rather too early to go for a licensed anti-virus now? Be patient, your system can still carry on well with a free version. Don't rush, my guy, think well…"

And the lines would go on and on, finally hinting at the need to maintain patience with things.

How patient could you be?
I have often wondered, when would people start identifying the thin boundary between patience and cowardice? One of the things I mostly quiver for is Patience because you never just couldn't tell when it starts drifting into cowardice that hides behind its veil. It is one thing to be patient when strategizing on plans and it is equally necessary when one identifies cowardice in patience that only buys room for inactivity. You want to accept counsel on patience, you could do. But never forget patience is such a long rope that stretches so well that no one could really point to its end. You would never have enough of it. Only the result that comes from it shows how fruitful it has been in having it. There are two types of patience, I would say. One is to endure when working out a plan like I did during the installation process, the other is to slouch around telling everybody why patience pays when it is evident you are only using it as a cover-up.

My McAfee journey was with one type of patience as I had to put up with long hours of installation. The other kind my friends avowed is one I would always advice against.

So, when next you are being implored to exercise one as a virtue, always be on the lookout for the one they are driving at. Patience is truly in these two shades; Strategic Patience and Cowardly Perseverance.

Have a wonderful and glorious week!


  1. LOL @' It is one thing to be patient when strategizing on plans and it is equally necessary when one identifies cowardice .....'

    Over-analysis can lead to Paralysis!

    Have a good week

  2. Hi N.I.L. Your opinion on over-analysis leading to Paralysis is also true o. Lol... But should that stop one from analysing anyway when other things are at grave risk?


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