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Friday, February 4, 2011

Be Armed: Information Is It!

My mum, a market-woman who deals in various food items, taught me something. Being with her as a child has made me to come to terms with the strength and rescue one gets from information; no matter how petty the piece of information may be. Each time, my mum came home with the news of how some items in the market have taken slight changes in their prices; there were always stories to tell. The lesson point for me in her market-stories was the part she would desultorily narrate how a customer who had hitherto learnt of a slight change in price of a particular item had come to her stall, hoping to cash in on her ignorance to get an item at a price it was used to be sold. My mum would later go on to tell us that she would have been had by the customer if not for the timely information a fellow market-woman had passed to her a few moments before the encounter. From this, it stuck to my head that in as long as information creates wealth, the insatiable thirst human has for information will never allow the uninformed to have it equally as the informed. In her kind of business setting, keeping up to date with price-movement is sacrosanct. This is done to have sufficient capital to be able to match the current price of a commodity.

What makes the mistakes you make costly is in the immenseness of the information you let slip of you. Just like in Law, a defaulter bears the brunt of his disobedience to a rule even though he claims ignorance. The children of Israel who died in the wilderness after the return of the twelve spies from Canaan died on their ignorance. Only the two, Caleb and Joshua, who had the basic info about the supremacy of the God they were serving got spared {Num. 13:26-33, 14:26-38}. This is what information does to you; you are always spared from general calamity. What makes a man arrive at his destination earlier is not because he knows the way that everybody also seems to know, it is his ability to beat others to it faster by taking a detour with relevant information that gives him speed.

Daniel could also have died with the wise men of Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar if he hadn't got the real info to the king's dream. What separated Daniel from the other interpreters was the exclusive information he had on how to go about reminding the king of his dream and interpreting it {Dan. 2:14-21}. I do not know how Joseph would have ridden so fast to the ladder of fame if he hadn't given Pharaoh the answers to his dream {Gen. 41:25-44}. As you must have known, information still remains the years-long secret that hasn't lost his value with numerous passages of seasons. What makes the corporate world different from other unorganized institutions is their resourcefulness with info. Ever since the Fall of man in the Garden of Eden, those who neglect information have never stopped becoming the battered victims.

Information is not only the embedded streak in the culture of man that births civilization; it is a necessary tool for creation. When it is despised, our guards for survival are weakened and we become easy preys.

I'm glad to bring you to the conclusion that the reason why that same situation has always toppled you over all this while is because it advances more on you than you advance in getting solutions to it.

You want a problem to be solved by God? Trade with the information-word in the bible. You want to add up to your professional ranks? Explore more related studies. Information works a tangible contributory role in all achievements.

All you've got to do is to be armed with the chink-less armor of information. With it, nothing might be unreachable after all. Be Armed, Information Is It!


  1. There is really nothing like being informed. Great post.

  2. @Myne. Nothing really works better than having info. Thanks for reading, Myne. How are you doing?


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