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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Magun: The Thunderbolt Story

By Adebiyi Rasheed

As a scholar interested in indigenous communication, it is hard for one to ignore a film as culturally rich as 'Magun', a film by Mainframe Productions. It is a film that tells a story of love, trust and betrayal. 'Magun' explores the meeting point between modern scientific medicine and traditional unorthodox medical practices.


The Story

The film is woven round Ngozi, a young beautiful Igbo woman who falls in love with Yinka, a young man of Yoruba extraction against all odds. Their marital boat soon hits the rocks when rumours of extra-marital affairs on Ngozi's part start flying about. Yinka laces Ngozi with 'Magun', the mysterious deathly fidelity control, and a serious drama of intrigues, suspense, pains and travails begins.

The Arguments

The ensuing drama throws up a lot of issues, controversies and concepts. The film roots for another look at indigenous medicine. It preaches that the two health systems can be complementary. One will take over where the other stops. Two, it takes compares and contrasts between HIV AIDS and 'Magun': AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease, while 'Magun' is a sexually assisted death. AIDS can be managed, 'Magun' results in instant death for the victims. Three, the film unearths the science in traditional medicine. It disregards the notion that every traditional medicinal are balderdash. In all, the film shows that 'Magun' is not just another controversial affliction; it only proves the efficacy of traditional medicine.

Beyond the Argument

Beyond the argument, 'Magun' draws attention to inter-tribal marriage, its pains and gains, and how the problems that emanate from such can be managed. The film also confronts the audience with the hard choices every man and woman is bound to face. It portrays how trust or the lack of it can destroy a home. And as well, it reflects how single health message can be passed through the use of indigenous communication and the tube. With good quality audio and video, well-arranged plot and rich culturally laden themes; 'Magun' (Thunderbolt) is well worth the money and the time anybody is set to spend on it..


This review was contributed by Adebiyi Rasheed, a friend and Uncle. The post is his view on the film, Magun, by Mainframe Productions. I can't really recall when I actually watched this film. I think it was some six or seven years back when I never drew any meaning to the film. I was just like some of those kids who would slot in any cassette {Damn! We were still using video-cassette player then} to take away boredom at any holiday period. It's magical now how this short review was able to make me recount those events in the story and recall the characters vividly. Magun is really some of the classic videos that would never pass away with the extinction of a means of watching films. The plot in the story is always relevant. I hope you enjoyed the review too like I did.

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