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Friday, January 15, 2010

It Doesn’t Matter… (Individual Issue)

“It doesn’t matter if I play a fast one on that supervisor in the exam hall…”
“It doesn’t matter if I ‘help’ (though negative) myself as heaven helps those who helped themselves”.
“It doesn’t matter if I do it the other way round and have it my way”.
“It doesn’t matter if I employ the aid of academic machineries during the forthcoming examination”.

These are the words you don’t have to strain the pinna of your ear to be able to collect their sound waves, provided you can chat up anyone who doesn’t handle his responsibility as a matter of importance in achieving his set goal(s). It would always make one wonder at the way people tend to watch their lives with indifference, while it gradually slip into self induced abyss, without making an effort to somewhat save it. ‘It doesn’t matter…’ comes into use and become very handy to quickly resort to when facing a crisis, in order to give a non-commensurable pats to ourselves. Would it not be better if we make a public show of our inadequacies and get the required direction from those that have travelled the journey before?

It matters a lot to discontinue the use of the phrase “It doesn’t matter…” in every of our conducts and activities. This word would always only bring to your memory others that have failed due to their resignation in the face of the difficulty involved in their task. It would never remind you of people who kept trudging the same mountain you are climbing now without sloughing off their responsibilities and finally ascended into victory. “It doesn’t matter…” is invariably resonated with stories of woe, failure, weakness and not of success. A common word says: ‘What you do not fight and struggle for, you don’t get’. It is only a person who has made up his mind about pulling out of an activity that gets FAILURE as his identity tag.

We have become so dilettante in our approach to almost all things that whenever we are stalked in a quandary for sometime, we easily make references to a story to support why our lackadaisical attitude, which equaled to poor result, shouldn’t matter. Whoever doesn’t put every little and tit-bit of details into consideration will never matter in his society and to the people around him. It is time we made every thing matter in our lives, so that we don’t become castaways of our self destroyed ship - everything in life will always matter. When a thing ceases to matter, it becomes a matter of rottenness and extinction. We cannot afford losing time and resources by stashing away our quart into a pint pot. Every hand must tenaciously hold onto his tool of social and personal revival, as we cannot make a ‘fried egg’ without breaking an egg. All, for success sake, will always matter!

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