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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

oDESK – The ‘frustration’ of a Nigerian seeking for online jobs

oDESK – The 'frustration' of a Nigerian seeking for online jobs

Apart from the Yahoo-Yahoo boys, I know the numbers of people that legally make money online and those that know that there is even any money to make at all are very thin, thinner than a tread. I won't lie that I haven't read many e-books online that easily convince one that Internet coughs out money whenever you type in your needs to it. It got to a time that I started blaming myself for not taking any step towards the knowledge that my various Internet mentors have made known to me through their lesser-than-truth and over-praised e-books. So, last week, I decided I was going to do something about it. I searched through Google™ for so many kinds of money making opportunities that the net really has to deliver apart from being an information source. Instead of stumbling on goldmine, I only almost toppled over my seat with 'frustration'. Everywhere I tried applying to, it seemed Nigeria was no longer on the reading map anymore; it was as if the country has gone extinct. Whatever caused that is what I'm still yet to know. It was painful that my last effort almost seized my breath when I was confronted with the battered image of Nigeria in a live-chat with one of a site's (called oDesk) customer care agents. The chat is what I have decided to share with you. Follow the chat thread below and tell me what you think about it all.

Russell: Hello, Joseph Omotayo. Can I help you with anything today?
Joseph Omotayo: My account is restricted.
Russell: One moment, let me pull up your account.
Joseph Omotayo: thank you. I will be waiting...
Russell: I am seeing that you are almost done setting it up. You will now want to click onto: Post my Profile.
Joseph Omotayo: Will that solve everything I have been facing?
Russell: What other issues are you facing?
Joseph Omotayo: Just the account restriction, that's all.
Joseph Omotayo: Just the account restriction, that's all.
Russell: Ok, try to post this now.
Joseph Omotayo: Thank you. I will now.
Russell: Ok
Russell: Can you please tell me what country you are from?
Russell: This could be the issue.
Joseph Omotayo: Nigeria
Russell: Ok, yes.
Russell: Unfortunately, due to the high risk associated with certain areas of the world, we cannot allow membership into our service for all users.
Russell: We apologize for the inconvenience and will notify our users if this policy changes.
Russell: Sorry
Joseph Omotayo: Does that mean my country isn't allowed?
Russell: Correct, I am very sorry.
Joseph Omotayo: Then, your form should have excluded my country then if you aren't allowing her citizens. This isn't fair you know?
Russell: We apologize for the inconvenience and will notify our users if this policy changes.
Russell: I understand your frustration. I wish I could help you with this.
Russell: I am sorry, there is nothing I can do.
Joseph Omotayo: I'm proud to be a Nigerian anyway. I was only trying to help your various clients out with my skills.
Russell: Yes, I understand some countries we do not have payment method in and therefore we cannot allow User's to work, if there is no way to pay them, sorry and I understand, you should be proud of your county.
Russell: I really wish I could help you.
Joseph Omotayo: I observe this is more than non-availability of payment method. You have already stated your concern above before now - remember? You said "due to the high risk associated with certain areas of the world, we cannot allow membership into our service for all users."
Russell: Yes, this is also an issue with some countries as well as payment to them.
Russell: The response was a boiler plate response to countries that we can not accept, this in nothing to do with you and I wish I could help you.
Russell: I am very sorry and I understand your frustration.
Joseph Omotayo: It's high time your policy is reviewed then, because it only portrays your institution as being myopic in professionalism.
Joseph Omotayo: I had held your organisation in high esteem when a friend referred me, I never knew it's going to end up like this......
Russell: I am sorry, I do not make the rules, I just have to tell Users what can or can not be done as our system at this time. I will forward your feedback to a Manager for you.
Joseph Omotayo: I understand that you do not make the rules, but never forget you are an image maker of the company whose rules you are paid to defend and explain to 'users'.
Russell: Yes, as I have told you I will forward your comments. I now have to exit this chat, bye.

Have you ever made money online as a Nigerian without disguising your identity? If not, do you still think it is possible to make a kobo on the Internet? Please post your comment....
Have a great week!


  1. This is a really worrying trend especially as the internet is opening up in Nigeria with the various opportunities to provide employment to Nigerian based citizens.

  2. Myne, it is really very worrying and frustrating... I couldn't just come to terms with it.

  3. i have made and is still making money from odesk, i don't understand what your issues are, odesk pays users with a payoneer MasterCard shipped to your address, so am wondering what your own issues were, Ive been paid there, but ill suggest you don't just stick to a place alone, the internet is a gold mine, the question is, are you going to be digging on a spot alone?
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