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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The reason why we have always been lax with everything we do cannot be unconnected with the fact that we fail to understand that on our shoulders are responsibilities that are not only ours. Killing people and generations are not only done physically. We dent others’ future with so much sorrow through the negative attitude we have towards our responsibilities. Sometimes we abdicate it, and at times, we carry it out shabbily with lackluster.
Fame do not make men, men’s positive attitude to responsibility make fame for them. Inspiration in its simple meaning means the sudden stimulation of the human mind that helps to develop ideas while tackling various challenges in life. What inspiration does to us is to give us the enthusiasm and fervour that the challenges we are facing requires. Iron does not sharpen iron when facing a task that needs to be tackled with rare dexterity. You can not be heart saddened and expect creativity to flow. All you ever need is what will keep you over the situation – inspiration is it! Inspiration imbues in you the joy that would take you to the level of skillfulness needed to accomplish a task. No human life on earth has been left untouched by the potency of inspiration. Before inspiration, comes the longing to inspire others. In the process of affecting others, inspiration sprouts up.
Things that we get inspiration from today were things done by people who had had us in mind during the time they were putting their crafts to work. It would be going against the rule of the thump if are not preparing to get others inspired through the inspiration we got from some other things or people. To be able to inspire others, we must be ready to accept responsibility for our actions and inactions.” The opportunity to inspire others comes but we do not notice it. It is almost all the time drabbed with taking responsibilities” (Paraphrase). We cannot keep searching and seeking inspiration from others and things that they have created without refining it with our adroitness and redistributing it to others that need it. A food soon becomes poisonous when its waste content is not passed out through excreta. Inspiration is better got and maximally used when it is given as inspiration to those that stand on our shoulders to see what they would not have seen, had they not stood on us.
We can all inspire when we realize that our success and achievements will not only bring encomiums and accolades to us alone, but also to those that would take cue from it and re-route their steps by emulating our encouraging deeds
A maxim reads: “The lantern hung on our window posts is not only to give light to our backyards; it is also to give hope to the hopeless traveler; that he has not lost his path yet.”
You too can inspire!

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